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Priya Chopra | President, 1Milk2Sugars PR

Priya Chopra | President, 1Milk2Sugars PR

The team at 1Milk2Sugars LOVES working with Caspar Haydar Design.  Caspar puts so much thought and creativity into everything he does and each event is just as fabulous and unique as the one before! His upbeat personality and hilarious sense of humour make him an absolute joy to work with. The Sugars love partnering with Caspar because we know that together, the event will look beautiful, stay on budget, and the client is always thrilled (which is #1 to us!)


Caspar Haydar Design is a full-service design firm dedicated to creating spaces, moments, florals and events that are an extension of it’s clients both private and corporate. From event conception and styling, to exquisite florals, Caspar Haydar Design delivers excellence at every turn.


106 Harbord Street
Toronto, ON, M5S 1G6



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